Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Year of Auspiciousness

Auspicious:  showing or suggesting that future success is likely; attended by good fortune; favorable.

I've always liked 25 cent words (you know, the big ones), and auspiciousness definitely falls into that category.  Love it.  So, why don't we just go ahead and declare this to be The Year of Auspiciousness?  Who can stop us?  Are you with me?

Here's my Auspiciousness Plan:
1.  Keep meditating and Happy Dancing and whatever-ing in the face of any adversity, as much as possible.
2.  Make lots of fun and exciting goals and plans, and simultaneously do my best to give up any need for them to actually happen the way I think they should.  Enjoy the daydreaming; no attachment to outcome.
3.  Remember that the better I feel, the better everyone around me will feel.  I am not doing anyone any favors by suffering.
4.  Keep planting seeds in my own particular way, and encourage others to do so also.
5.  Remember that Everything is Always Working Out, despite how things might temporarily appear, and there is no logical reason for me to assume otherwise.
6.  Eat more leafy green vegetables and escalate my love affair with avocados.  
7.  Remember that I always, always get what I expect.  Practice expecting Extreme Auspiciousness.

Uh oh -- this looks suspiciously like a New Years Resolution List, doesn't it?  And we all know how deadly those can be!  This might be different though, because it's fairly simple, and I'm already somewhat good at doing most of it.  (Although there's always room for more kale.)  Frankly, I think this list is a darned good recipe for -- hey, a Year of Auspiciousness!  Woo hoo! Think I'll throw in a little extra spinach and collard greens for good measure.  And another Happy Dance.  Just in case.

I am wishing everyone a year in which you take some Small Steps toward some Big Dreams!  And let's make the most we can of all the little moments in between, because I suspect that that is what Big Dreams are made of.  Here's to blooming for our own benefit, and therefore for the benefit of everyone else.

And please join me for Adventures in Meditation on Thursday nights from 7-8 pm, at the Shoreline Center for Wholistic Health, 35 Boston St., in Guilford, if you're inclined.  I'm getting pretty darned charged up about it!  Drop in any time.
Auspiciously yours,

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