Friday, September 2, 2011

On Being in Love

A Column of Distraction from Whatever You May Have Experienced with Irene.

A few weeks ago, I was filling up my car at the gas station.  While standing there, I noticed a young guy, about 28, filling up his car across from me.  He was animatedly talking on the phone, with a super smug, smirky look on his face – a look that I quickly realized was The Look of Love.  Young Guy was talking to his New Love on the phone – I could just see it hanging all over him, like Christmas lights.  He was aglow and afire! 

Right then and there, I just said to myself “I want to feel like that RIGHT NOW.”  I mean, what feels better than that? (Disclaimer:  my husband is a lovey – and we’ve been together long enough that it’s not quite ‘like that’ anymore!)  So there I am, pumping gas, just idly looking off to the side and feeling totally, completely, utterly crazy in love.  Champagne-in-the-veins in love.  Not with anyone or anything specifically, I just let myself feel like I was … IN LOVE.  A few minutes went by, pumping my gas, and I’m just standing there, probably with that same smug, smirky, outrageous look on my face for no good reason at all – and then I looked up.  Another young man, Young Guy’s friend, was walking straight toward me, on his way back to their car.  He looked at me in a most engaging and direct way and said  “Well, hi, how are YOU today?” 

I must have turned ten shades of red (not unusual for me, admittedly).  I felt like I was just caught with my pants down in the middle of the town square!!  I mumbled a reply and raced off in my car, simultaneously laughing and mortified.  After the fact, I had this funny vision in my head of how my energy might have ‘looked’ at that moment at the gas station – and it was probably similar to sending up a flare or turning on a giant spotlight!  Whatever I was doing, it was really obvious to me that it was highly perceptible by others on the same wavelength. 

And what is the world really made of but finding things to be in love with?  And why can’t we just be ‘in love’, without a specific object or person to aim those feelings toward?  And if we can do that, shouldn’t we?  Couldn’t we just stop at any point in our day and feel … in love?  No matter what was going on?  And wouldn’t that add something beautiful to your world and the world around you?  Just a thought.

So, for no reason at all, turn on your spotlight, send up a flare.  It will be seen and received somewhere.  And it WILL come back to you!

Note:  For those of you who were dying to hear me speak at Happiness Club on August 31st, apparently Mother Nature had different plans.  I will be rescheduled soon, at exactly the right time, no doubt, and will keep you posted!

p.s.  Thanks to Young Guy #1 and #2. 


  1. MJ,

    Falling in love is a particular joy that each of us can experience over and over throughout our lives. It is a distinctively natural occurence and requires neither guilt nor analysis. It is part of the human condition that gives us pleasure and joy.

    No action is required for it to be validated or treasured.

    " Falling in love consists merely in uncorking the imagination and bottling the common sense.”

    -Helen Rowland

    Tony Pedevillano

  2. I so enjoy each and every one of your columns MJ. I understand the distinction you are pointing to and thank you for your insight, awareness and willingness to share!