Classes & Services

  • Why Reflexology?  Because it's fabulously relaxing and effortlessly meditative -- and it helps to restore all of your systems and organs to balance -- all through the reflex points in the feet!  It's like a tune-up for your mind, body and spirit.  A truly amazing experience!  I have been a Certified Reflexology Therapist since 2007.  
    • When:  Saturday and Sunday hours
    • Cost:  $65 for a full Reflexology session (about 45 to 60 minutes)
    • Make an appointment:  by calling me at 203-444-5625 or email me at

  • Adventures in Meditation:  This group is on hiatus for the near future!  Please check back in the fall, and meanwhile -- be sure to visit my meditation website,, by clicking here! 

  • Private Meditation Consultation is always available!  Let's make meditation easy, approachable and accessible for you.   
Please contact me at 203-444-5625 or

  • Five Minutes to a Better World Talk:  Simple Meditation Techniques  -- A super fun and inspiring 90-minute discussion about why meditating for even five minutes a day will shift your whole life toward the positive.  Get ideas for the perfect meditation habits for you, and give your brain a break from all those nattering worries and concerns, no matter where you are!  For a taste of what I'll be talking about, please visit my super cool meditation website, by clicking here!
This talk is appropriate for any group or business!  I've given variations on this talk at libraries, churches, schools and hospitals, to the elderly, to teenagers, to people with autism -- in other words, any kind of group is appropriate.  
Fee:  by donation.