Classes & Services

  • What is Reflexology?  Reflexology has been around for centuries, in many different cultures. It is fabulously relaxing and effortlessly meditative -- and it helps to restore all of your systems and organs to balance -- all through the application of alternating pressure to the reflex points in the feet!  It's like a tune-up for your mind, body and spirit.  
  • A holistic approach to health:  Reflexology approaches the body as a whole, with attention to all of the systems and organs in your body, through the reflex points.  These areas are stimulated in order to 'wake up' or 'calm down' the reflex points as needed, restoring balance and assisting your body in healing.
  • Why the feet?  Just as all of your cells have all the information for every system and organ in your body (through your DNA!), there are reflex points all over your entire body, not just in your feet.  The feet are simply highly accessible to work on!  
  • What is a session like?  Soothing music, a comfy position, and nothing to do but close your eyes!  Reflexology is profoundly relaxing, sort of like a meditation with no effort.  Many people fall into a deep state of theta sleep and relaxation. A truly amazing experience.  Push your reset button today!
  • I have been a Certified Reflexology Therapist since 2007, studying under Dr. Christine Jensen at the Connecticut Center for Universal Reflexology.  
    • When:  Flexible weekday hours, some weekend hours available
    • Cost:  $70 for a full Reflexology session (about 45 to 60 minutes)
    • Make an appointment:  by calling me at 203-444-5625 or email me at